Take Charge of Your Life

Shape Your Life As YOU Want it!

To make effective changes in your life, you need not make big, elaborate plans; but small, practical, on-ground steps that shape your life journey. This practical workbook is your annual plan with 52 weekly action steps that lead you to a life that you dream about. It is your life and you must make it like what YOU want. The weekly tips are simple, yet powerful and practical. As such, it is not a normal book; but a powerful workbook that prompts you to take specific action steps and monitor your progress to make a definite impact on your life. You take charge of your life and you are answerable to yourself. In short, this workbook is a very apt example of “short and simple” approach. What really matters is your will and resolve to trek the path you choose!I

IT IS NOT a conventional book that you may like to finish reading in a week or so… and then lend to other family members or friends.
IT IS like a diary, which is personal to you as an individual and may be shared selectively, only at your own comfort and pleasure.

IT IS NOT a book to be kept in a library and borrowed by many for reading.
IT IS a workbook, and will not have much worth unless you work on it.

IT IS NOT a book solely written by an author to be read by you.
IT IS a workbook, which you read a bit, write a bit more and implement much more.

IT IS NOT a conventional book with “having read” as its conclusion, followed by “relax”.
IT IS a workbook, which inspires you to take action and doesn't permit you to relax.

Smart DIY Workbook